WiFi Extender | WiFi Repeater | QUADBooster
WiFi Extender | WiFi Repeater | QUADBooster

WiFi Extender | WiFi Repeater | QUADBooster

  • Eliminates Dead Zones 
  • Connect 35+ Devices
  • Rebroadcasts Fastest Wi-Fi Signals 
  • Guaranteed To Increase Speeds
  • Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days

Are You Tired of Slow and Spotty Internet 😞 ?

Does Your Home, Basement, Office, Or Business Have Deadzones ❌ ? 

Instantly provide any room with a reliablly fast "mini router" that re-broadcasts your Wi-Fi signals to elminate deadzones or slow speeds. Tap into your network's fastest signals to stream videos, work, or play video games.

2+ Rooms4+ Rooms6+ Rooms
1 Booster2 Boosters3 Boosters

Long Range Antennas

Cover Up To 2,500+ Sq. Feet Per Unit

Stronger Signals

Engineered To Eliminate Buffering While Expanding Your Existing Network Reach With 360° Coverage 

More Productivity

Less Loading Time = More Time To Work

Faster Speeds

Enjoy Smoother and More Reliable Streaming of Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games

Goodbye 👋  Weak Signals  

With the latest 5G extending technology, you'll enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds that are perfect for working, streaming movies, playing video games, or browsing the web. Instantly connect up to 35 devices without slowing down your speed or connectivity in any room of your home.

Why Choose Juiced?

Fast Free Shipping

Expect your product in a few days with no extra cost

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Every unit is shipped with a 30 day performance guarantee

Support 24/7

Contact our team at any time for tech support or order issues

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Customer Reviews

Based on 331 reviews
Ima Runolfsson

Great performance! Everything works perfect

Delores Collier

My internet is so much faster now in my basement

Lexus Hermiston

A+ signal strength everywhere in my office building now! So happy with this Booster

Constantin Donnelly

The shipping is very fast and the product quality is quite good

Courtney Howe

It works incredibly well, I live in a duplex and the router is upstairs, with this signal booster it reaches the whole home. Its crazy fast